Top 10 wedding first dance songs

This week at Genesis we tackle a very common question " do you have any recommendations for a first dance?". The short answer is Yes, the long answer involves looking into the past of the couple and trying to pinpoint important moments and times. But we can save that for in office conversations . Today we decided to take a look back through past clients, and song selections and select the 10 most popular first dance songs. We count them down here :


10)  Make you feel my love - Adele 

This is the original song written by Bob Dylan, but taken to a level only Adele can. That is saying a lot being that  Garth Brooks, Kelly Clarkson and Bob Ferry have released covers. Even Billy Joel had a version under a slightly different name.


9)  Then - Brad Paisley

If you love country this song gives you more of a reason to love the genre, if not its still a fantastic first dance song.


8) First Day of my Life - Bright Eyes

For a period in Late 2005 and 2006 this was a go to song. Its fallen out of vogue but we look back fondly. Bring this one back if you are looking for something different.


7) Everything - Michael Buble

Long story short, its Michael Buble.


6) A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

This song may go down as the first dance of our generation. An instant classic, check out the Piano Guys version as a possible Ceremony selection.


5) Better Together - Jack  Johnson

This is Jack Johnson at his best


4) All of Me - John Legend

The world collectively stopped  when this song dropped. For the next few months seemingly everyone chose this. Tiesto even got in on the action with a dance remix. This even launched an international tour for Mr. Legend by the same name.


3) Your are the Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne

Its difficult to describe what makes this song special. It means different things to different couples but it encapsulates the feel of a first dance like really no other. Perhaps Ray was thinking first dance as he composed this song.

2) I won't Give Up - Jason Mraz

We were shocked when the results came in. But Bride and Grooms alike agreed it speaks about the most important thing in any relationship, perseverance. Not giving up when things become difficult is a lesson we can all take to heart and a solid first dance song to begin a life together.

1) At Last - Etta James

The queen herself!! Since 1960 this song has with-stood all challengers and is undoubtedly the number 1 first dance song of all time. The soul in Etta James voice will reverberate through your guests. You can hear love in this song, if that is possible. It is the song that will stand the test of time and make that first dance with your husband/wife special.




Next week we are hard at working at releasing the top 10 Father/Daughter Dance songs.