Top 10 Father and Daughter dance songs

We revisit our top 10 list by looking into Genesis Events top 10 Father - Daughter dances. We asked brides , Sweet 16 girls and industry professionals and have compiled our list. Of course your first dance with dad should reflect your personal tastes and your relationship with dad. But our list will give you some ideas if you are hard pressed to choose. So we get down right to it...


10) Darius Rucker - It wont be Like this for long

Many of us remember him as "Hootie " from "Hootie and the Blowfish" but Darius Rucker transformed himself into an amazing country act. Far removed from "I only want to be with you" comes this fantastic Father - Daughter dance.

9) Beyonce - Daddy

Queen Bee hits us with this tear jerker that is sure to have guests reaching for a tissue

8) Luther Vandross - Dance with my father

If you are looking for a timeless classic look no further. This has been a top selection for 3 decades and sure to keep going

7) Stevie Wonder - Isn't she lovely

Everything about this song screams perfect Father - Daughter dance. The lyrics the tone and of course Stevie!!

6) Rascal Flatts - My wish

The lyrics will ring true to every father especially the Country fans.

5) Tim McGraw - My little girl

Steve Kerwin also has a version of this song. Both are quality and worth a listen to but Tim McGraw gets the edge on this one for his more mainstream appeal.

4) Heartland - I loved her first

Heartland took what every father feels for their little girl and put the words to paper for this timeless classic.

3) Bob Carlisle - Butterfly kisses

It has a really good tempo making it very easy to dance to. Not only that but it has just right amount of emotion and not overly done. 

2) Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight

This song just has so many applications not just for Father - Daughter songs but this song is a personal favorite. Our favorite Eric Clapton song and a popular choice for Father - Daughter dance.

1) Steven Curtis Chapman - Cinderella 

The all time best, the number one choice. This song goes under the radar but we suggest you take a listen to it on either Spotify or YouTube. Sit with Dad and listen through this song. If his eyes start to get a bit glossy you know this one is a perfect choice for you.