Lounge furniture has never been COOLER

By Damian Ramos  

  In today's event landscape, most will book catering halls and event spaces. Having to account for every detail, from food, seating, decor, lighting and even napkins and salt shakers has led to a decline in the idea of holding events in one's own home or backyard. 

  Catering halls and private event venues will take care of nearly everything for you in today's market. Many venues sometimes even include floral arrangements, music, video and transportation to and from the venue in their sticker price. This can be a saving grace for customers who have busy schedules or are simply trying to stay within a budget. With all of these options being offered to everyone coming through the door, the question is, what to do to have their event feel different and stand out from the cookie cutter mold?

   The answer is custom furniture, an up and coming trend. The growing demand for unique ideas in lounge furniture, combined with more companies beginning to offer wider array of choices, has driven prices down to an affordable range. Today having lounge furniture can fit into most budgets and transform entire rooms from a traditional feel to a more custom tailored, unique and fun event that reflects the customers personalities.

Here are some ideas to transform your night:

                                         Transforming a portion of the main room

Select a portion of the room and set up a jaw dropping, relaxed lounge set up to give your guests a place to get together away from the tables. In between dance sets or even to sit in a more relaxed environment to have a drink together.


                                                   Any room can be changed

decor (2).jpg

Here is an example of a restaurant being changed to feel like a comfortable lounge and a DJ set up on the far right. With draping and furniture, a couple of accent pillows you can create a trendy modern feel for your event.




                                       Make the most of the space you have


Have a tight space to work with? White works with everything. It pops it makes the room feel fresh and fun. Here is an example of an entire 15 person set up outside of a dining room. Even with limited space you can optimize what you have and do more!




                                                   Backyards have been repurposed


If you are still interested in doing it yourself, add this to your list of ideas. A draped tent and light up LED furniture can create a vibrant lounge even where no outside lighting exists. Night time is no problem with this set up, furniture gives you places to hang out while the light up cubes give extra seating and provide lighting


Have these ideas in mind and unleash your inner event planner. As always make your night something to remember



Damian Ramos

Event Planner / MC